Biological Concepts on Bisphosphonate Treated Patients in the Context of Increasing Patient Life Quality and the Need for Oral Surgical Procedures

For patients

Management of risk
We assure our and our patients’ calmness, following the contemporary rules for disinfection, mechanic and chemical processing of the instruments, which are separately packed up and autoclaved at high temperature under pressure.
Following the world’s best practices’ lead, our clinical decisions are known by high degree of safety. Our patients’ safety for us is a part of our own safety.

Personal data
“Abadzhievi Prosthodontic Center” Ltd is registered as personal data administrator. The information about patients’ state of health and personal data is protected from third persons.

Every patient is special for us. Our duty is to give you complete information about your health state, subsequent treatment and possible alternatives. That’s why, every visit for a particular manipulation of the treatment plan should be appointed in advance.